Alright id like to see whats on the market! ive made a large batch of something in real life when its sold ill have more than enough to buy a decent char so lets see whats on the market preferably in order ! rogue / warrior / priest And
No mage sorry but i suck at mages! and preferably human side but doesnt really mather!

For payment id prefer paypal Ive probably still got some people around here that can still vouch for me even tho its been a LONG time since ive played ! and used to play on beramus! so if you know me and you see this topic and can vouch for me ust bump it with a comment if i am trustable or not!

contact me via pms with infos

*** Off topic *** Also looking to share a human side 75+ while i am waiting to buy my own char! let me know! *** off topic ***