Selling level 61.28 int priest on Olympia ^^! (no premium=no cc fraud! yay)
210k np (green bordered m)

+8/15 chitin gaunts
+8/15 chitin boots
+7/12 chitin helmet
+7/12 STR chitin helmet [soloing cz with ss+7/dth+5/chitin helm/98 base str = 550 ap and mucho fun XD]
Goblin chitin pauldron
Goblin chitin pads

Cleric earring +1 / Warrior earring +0
glass belt
rom x2
elemental pendant

lycaon hammer +6 x2
dragon tooth hammer +5
scorpion shield +7 [first one on server. obtained ~4th day and never any problems with it] (got offers of $100+usd for it)

2bil+ coins (I'm assuming around..2.2?)

has a merchant character and a dlw mini warrior on the account (mini warrior not level 50 ;x)
merchant character name= Sell
mini warrior name = NeverAgain

I just want to see what type of geared char on Ares I could get on it.