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Pc> Mage lvl 72 (500knps+) naked

This is a discussion on Pc> Mage lvl 72 (500knps+) naked within the Ares forums, part of the Market Place category; what the hell ? :huh:...
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    what the hell ? :huh:

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    Originally posted by Soujirou
    :huh: , *wtf? ... *
    i never scam ppl , u can ask *for my in forum
    SOUJIROU... we were talking on the msn messenger now. .. why you left from the msn messsenger....

    i cannt believe it my friend.. why you let 3 guys use your account of SOUJIROU KO4life..

    i was thinking 2 guys.. now i find out is 3 guys.. mann SOUJIROU you need to find which of those 3 guys took the money.. who took your ID DNI.. because i send you that money in your name..

    i have here the RECEIPTs.. from WU... i can show it to you .. tomorrow i will post some pictures of the receipt so you can see your full name and last name...

    WHO ELSE.. will go to WU.. and take the money.. do yu have a twin brother or something.. because there is something fishing in here... 1st 3 guys in here KO4LIFE shares the same account SOUJIROU now later you say i havent cash the money..

    man i went to the agency ok .. i check and they told me you cash out the money.. who else.. but i told the lady why or how he did it i never gave him the code....


    First if the person knows your full name and last name, also he needs to know your country and state.. only those things he needs in order to cash out the money .. of course the person has to bring his DNI.. ID CARD.. = identification card..

    Now the 3 GUYS also share your identification Card.. 3 guys share the same life.. OH MAN. WHATS ALL THIS... and why you left from the msn messenger .. we were talking .. and you left...

    SOUJIROU David Salomon Prado Huarcaya .. YOU NEED TO FIND OUT who of your 3 guys friends.. who you think they are your friends.. but they are not .. because giving you all this problems.. may be someone stole your DNI ID card .. and pretends thats you...

    omg OMGGGG .... i cannt believe 3 guys shares same account of SOUJIROU how this works.. how 3 people shares same account.. and plus also they share the emails .. Soujirou david i think may be your brothers.... took the money.. you need to get this problem fix i don't know why is this happening...

    you already told me today in the msn messenger.. why are we having problems... yeah why.. we had good deal before but why is this problem comes back.. .. is over 300USD i pay ... and you DAVID im sure you took the money.. who else.. you tell me who.. is there another DAVID SALOMON PRADO HUARCAYA.. # 2 or #3....

    I CANNT BELIEVE THIS .. so much trouble im going toooo.. but hey.. i wont let problem run away from me.... helll noooo....

    i need to fix this problem specially SOUJIROU needs to fix this problem... and please to get back to me on the msn messenger.. i don't know why you left

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    soujirou.. You haven't send me no NO PMPM'SSSsss .. .. yeah you haven't send me NO PMPM'S why is that.. you read all this and don't contact me send me an email or a pm.. please don't ignore me... and this goes for the 3 guys.. that is using SOUJIROU account.

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    Originally posted by Cadence96
    Try to proove what u say is true.... u sent via WU, right? ... did u get any certificate, if so, better scan it.
    Dude you are from PERU too.. i know what u mean.. here is the proof.. i scann the certificate Factura recibo receipt...

    Look to his Name, Last name and the country.. in there the lady from the Agency WU she wrote the date and time when he cash out the money. WHO? DAVID SALOMON PRADO HUARCAYA....

    here is the picsss...... and you tell me what do you think about this GUY ... soujirou SOUJIROU...???? is he still HONEST, CLEAN.. LEGIT... you tell me.??? im from PERU and i cannt still think he is doing this to me....we done a deal before i bought items from him over WU no problem we were cool fine.. no problem, nothing at all and NOW i don't understand why is he doing this to me.... ignoring all my PM's IGNORING ALL my Email's everything ... you see he put a reply in here.. but don't send me no PM's he show up for few minutes 5 or 10 minutes on the msn messenger and he was gone again.. saying that he NEVER CASH OUT THE MONEY.. you can see there .. his name is there.. EVERYBODY CAN SEEE it .. im not making this up... this is all REAL and is SOUJIROU still LEGIT, honest, good guy.. or WHAT???? DAMM IM SO MADDD ANGRY Why he took my money and never show up... now he says i don't have your money.. PLEASE PLEASE..... don't play me like a FOOL...i was born yesterday oh right? NO NACI AYER.

    OK in the first picture .. he cash out the $$$ Right at the very next day.. in the morning.. you can see the DATE and time... he cash out right away in the next day in the morning....

    NOW in the second picture.. he cash out the $$$ Right at the same day.. and i gueesss SOUJIROU DAVID SALOMON PRADO HUARCAYA.. he couldn't wait for tomorrow.. he want the money fast so he cash out few hours later..

    HOW he knew.. the same dayy.. i sent out the money.. on the second picture.. i haven't send out money yet... i was waiting for him to contact me first and do the trade and later i sent his money.. but nooo.. he told me sent the money i go pick it up later you get back home.. and I give the ITEMS... mannn i went back home .. mann he was gone already from his msn messenger says that he had to gooo and he told me TOMORROW I SEE YOU in the morning.. .. dude next day.. i wait in the computer the whole FCKING entire DAY.. from 9am to 4 am.. nothing no SIGNAL from this GUY.. NO Messages no nothing..

    I DON'T KNOW WHY SOUJIROU is acting this way... who else can cash out the money.. nobody else.. only him... as you can see there.. HIS FULL NAME AND LAST NAME IS THERE.. SOUJIROU : DAVID SALOMON PRADO HUARCAYA....
    Dude he has another guy that answers his email from the Hotmail.. may be he took or stole his ID DNI card.. he needs to find and solve this mess PROBLEM fast.. .. because so far all I KNOW.. HE TOOK my $$$ money and now he is GONE..... GONE and GONEEE.....

    NOW WHERE IS THE LEGIT, honest and Great Guy.. WHERE IS HE (Soujirou)???? WHERE IS MY MONEY..??? or where is my items DUAL RL+1..?? I STILL DONT HAVE ANYTHING...NO ANSWERS , No money back, NO items Dual ROL+1.... ?

    Today Thrusday 9/28/06 at 3:00am he was online in the MSN MESSENGER.. he send me a instant message on the MSN ... he could it sign in to KO ares server and give me my dual ROL+1.. but nothing.. i haven't receive still nothing.. plus he was gone after few very short minutes.. and he was GONE once AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN...!!!

    Look David Salomon lets say you forgot ok.. .. whos money is ?? ok you already have the money.. all i ask is the items.. why keep playing with the games...why you want me to chase you..??

    Stop selling your mage level 72 ares server , Stop selling your warrior level 70 diez server and plus items.. STOP ALL THAT..

    You have a Deal with me.. My money you cash out.. please Soujirou.. i need the Dual ROL+1.. why take this problem in a major discussion.. ..? we both know who took the money.. You who else.. how many people is in PERU with that Full Name and Full last name.. HOW MANY PEOPLE RUNS WITH same full many... ?? ONLY 1... so lets be serious.. ...

    Why are u playing games with me.. ? i haven't done anything stupid to you.. we have a great deal businees before.. and now why are you doing this problem with me.... . .?? FIND OUT your 3 guys who uses your ACCOUNT SOUJIROU.. ask may be 1 of those 3 guys is your brother, cousin, uncle, friend... ask them.. may be they took the money.. and they are making you look BAD.. .. but all i know so far.. You DAVID you cash out my MONEY...

    so again Contact me.....

    WHY SOUJIROU why DAVID PRADO.. whyyy.. why are you doing this to me, i thought we were friends.. we talk , chat, laught having a great time.. been great friends.. and now doing this.. WHY.. What I did.. Why are you acting this way.. Why you ignore me.. Why take my money and be gone.. WHY ...??? I don't know why?... i dont see where the problem all start.. i didn't do nothing I MEAN NOTHING ZERO NADA NOTHING stupid to you man SOUJIROU David. ... so why now you are doing this ...?? after I sent you the Money and now is gone .. why doing this.. explain me may be im mistaking something.. may be i don't know nothing about it of whats happening.. please SOUJIROU try to find out whats the problem.... . ?? Maybe you forgot who sent you the money... Man Soujirou David there is the FACTs in the Pictures.. there is your full Name, date and there is the date you cash out the money date and time... so why why .. i don't see whats the reason of playing with me... Soujirou contact me im online in the Msn Messenger ... or send me a PM over the KO4LIFE.. something..


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    Sojirou DAVID im online in the msn messenger.. .. contact me in there.. im online in the msn messenger.. send me a pm or an instant message i be online all day.. ... i will be waiting for you..

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    Originally posted by Sdk Sniper
    Sorry to hear this * , you sound like a very nice guy, I also am from Florida * . I never been scammed before, so I don't know the feeling, but I'm sure it isn't nice . *I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything for a game with real $$$. I was looking for an account to buy before, but the risk you put yourself in with being scammed is to high, so I said screw that, and just stick to what I own.

    Hopefully now you will NEVER trust anyone again like this. Sometimes you think you have met a really good friend, a best friend even, and given the right opportunity, it all can change in a second.

    YEAH MAN.. i cannt believe this GUY Soujirou can do this to me.. speciallly that im from the same country PERU.. you know there is some people that you cannt trust anymore.. and later they claim.. saying i never got any money .. i never took any money.. thats the typical saying i never . i haven't .. NO SIR... Soujirou You took my money man.. .. .. and now you are gone.. you don't show yourself anymore to regular hours.. the only time he soujirou shows up.. is when everybody is sleeping so nobody can seee him... man i cannt believe how this guy can do this .. .... in the BEGINNING this guy sounds very cool guy, honest, friendly, damm great guy VERY LEGIT..>!!!

    now i don't have words to describe this.... is like with 1 hand shakes your hand and in the other hand puts a knife in your back... mann i tell you ... friends of doble faces .. u know doble masks ... use 1 mask to act or be nice, cool , honest and all that.. LATER with the other second mask use it for this coin of GAMES that im having ....

    I cannt believe this is happening to me..... . . i put all my TRUST to this guy SOUJIROU David.. and now.. my money is gone.. who else has it.. only him.. you see his name in the paper WESTER UNION.. ... there is his name and if you look the date... he didn't took anymore time to go to the agency and CASH OUT THE MONEY.... right away...

    man i tell you .... i cannt believe this.... im sure he has a good explanation.. for this problem.. because i will have him arrested ... and spend time in the Jail CANA.. bote.....I have family that works for Authority Police Justice Deparment..

    I don't want to give SOUJIROU David any more problems ... with the authority LAW of PERU.. because he is in university.. but if he don't fixs this problem soon.. i will have him arrested... i have no choice is over $$ 300USD .. man thats some money there.... is not $30 usd or $50 usd.. is $$$ 300 USD $$$.... so why RISK

    so Why Soujirou DAVID wants to Risk his Education in having lots of problems for this ... all i need is my Dual ROL+1 that i pay already.. thats all... no more problems... is simple.. why not give me the Dual ROL+1's .. just give me the DUAL ROL+1 and the problem is fix.. Soujirou he has the Money already.. what else he wants...

    All i want is my Dual ROL+1's that i Pay for it....and i been waiting over 2 weeks.. and nothing at this moment....

    So please think recapasita.. you have your education going on right now.. .. all i want is my dual ROL+1 that i already pay for it.. so why waste more time.. .... and save yourself some Problems and headaches.. just give me my Dual ROL+1's
    I already sent you the money.. besides you cash the money out long time agooo... bagain my backk.. so all i need is my Dual ROL+1s ...

    why play games.. .... how can you do this to me SOUJIROU... i sent you over $300 USD.. how can you do this MANNN...... How, why, Porque...?

    i haven't done anything bad to you.. .... why me in the first place.. ..??

    You see there Soujirou David.. there you see the PROOF i sent you the money .. over Western Union.. all FACTS 100% true.. now why you keep doing this to me man... Me and the other we all trust you.. .... we all need I NEED MORE an explanation... for all this problems..

    Soujirou David all i need is my Dual ROL+1 ... that i pay you already.. over the WU you have the money already.. so all i need is my Dual ROL+1.. thats all.. and we say this problem Good Bye..

    Please Soujirou David don't make me do this Problem any more BIG..than is now...

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    Hello everyone!!

    ok Soujirou please contact me im here waiting for your message as your told me in your last message if i want to take the offer preposition in change for the $330USD that i sent you over Western Union, oh right i agree your offer preposition yes i want to fix this problem right away, i sent you messages to your email inbox and also a pm here in KO4LIFE, man please contact me im waiting for your offer preposition... how long this problem is going to run, i want to fix and clear this problem please contact me. I take the offer preposition you told me in your last message on my email inbox.. all i need is to hear an answer back with the info of your offer, so we can clear all this up right away... please contact me.

    thank you

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    oh man .. hello guys everybody.

    ok David Soujirou .. again omg man im trying to contact you i sent you pm's i sent you emails to your email inbox.. and no answer back.. as i say before in your last message that you sent me with a preposition/deal/trade to repair fix the money i sent you for over $300 USD by western union.. yes man I agree i accept.. yo accepto your preposition.. lets fix this problem once it for all... im waiting over more than a week and nothing no answer from you back.. lets have this problem fix and finish it and forget about it.. man contact me.. pm , email me, or even call me ... you have my phone number.... thank you.. hope to hear from you soon man.. thanks.

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    Hey David Prado/Soujirou

    hey man.. im waiting for you to contact me .. why are u taking so long to get back to me with an answer.. .... i havent' hear from you back for few weeks already... i sent out to you few emails and pms'' and nothing .. Contact me you have my email emailme or call me you got my number...

    also.. have anyone has contact soujirou David for the last couple weeks.. i sent out lots of emails and pm's and nothing no answer back from him.. he told we are going to fix this problem and he gave me a preposition to cover up the money that i sent out to him... over $300 USD by western union... man.. this guy says he never had any problem with nobody and he don't wants no problems.. now he is gone again.. no answer back, nothing 0 nada.. whats the deal ??? he says something and now he is gone.. .. now i don't know how long i have to wait for his guy to sent me an answer back... ... sure he is LEGIT please.. PROVE IT.. ... contact me im still waiting for your answer back.. ... thanks bb.

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    dude just face it you got scammed... BlessedByGods was also a scammer on here... my tip only use WU with people you know or be even smarter and dont buy shit for usd since half ko sellers are scammers. just look at all the posts about ppl getting scammed on items or accounts via PayPal and WU........ well good luck on getting a rol +1 ingame for igc

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