Account contains:
Level 76 Human Rogue, CZ Monster Hunt and Dragon Hunt is not complete, like 100k NPs, no time to pk.
Level 59 Human Warrior
Level 59 Human Priest


2x Mirage Dagger +5/80
1x Raptor +1/70
1x Graham +1/70
1x Iron Impact +1/70
1x Totamic Spear +3 Rebirth
1x Priest Impact +7


+8 Rogue Shell Helmet
+8 Rogue Shell Gauntlets
+8 Rogue Chitin Boots
+7 Rogue Shell Pauldron
+7 Rogue Shell Pads
+7 Warrior Shell Boots
some toher +7 rogue shells, can't remember
+8 Warrior FP Helmet, Pauldron, Pads, Boots, Gauntlets
Rogue items are with DEX, Warrior items are with STR
+8 g1 priest cloth helm, boots, gaunts with hp
goblin pauldron and pads for g1 BP


Warrior Pendant
Elf Belt
Rogue Earring
Elf-Metal Earring
Ring of Life
Kekuri Ring +2
Platinum ring, lal

Valkyrie Helmet with Def, Valkyrie Pauldron with HP

Some minor items, and like 21 gb in the Inn Hostess!