The first account name lvl 71 150 k np it is name CoolHeaded and it is naked just quest shied +4
The other account lvl 73 240 k np it is name CZLordVomiCZ it was in inferno but quit because sell char
The items CZLordVomiCZ:
Iron impact +8/80
Raptor + 3 rebirth
Iron Bow +8/80
Set +7 ( rebirth ) shell 12/str
Set payper +8/80 HP
Set +7 shell (no rebirth) 12/str
Quest shield +4
Set Gryphon HP !!
Ring of life x2
Ring of courage
Iron neck
Iron belt
Diamond ring +0 +1
Amulet of str +1
Belt of str +2

Other Items:
50 gb
3 trina`s
Hera transform scrool`s
and more shets

If u are interesed to buy eny char from this topic add me on MSN or Yahoo : [email protected]
The price for CZLordVomiCZ with items it is 550 $
The price for CoolHeaded naked it is 160 $