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S> 72 mage 62 warrior

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    Western Union only. If trustability is an issue, pm me, and I will tell you who this is, I've changed e-mail on the account, and user on this forum to protect both buyer and seller from K2 scum.

    On the mage:

    Complete helmet +8/15 hp
    Complete Pauldron +7/12 hp
    Complete Pads +7/12 hp
    Complete Boots +7/12 hp
    Complete gauntlets +8/15 hp
    Elemental Pendant +1 *
    Bronze Earring +1 *
    RoC +0 *
    +8/64 elixir staff
    +4 staff of player
    +9 hp earring
    Quest ring
    Quest belt

    Right now he is skilled as paper fire/ice and is wearing +7/12 hp paper armor except the boots, which are +8, and a +9 wood staff. He has roughly 327,000 national points.

    On the Warrior:

    Chitin Shell Helmet +7/12 str
    Chitin Shell Pauldron +7/12 str
    Chitin Shell Pads +7/12 str
    Chitin Shell Boots +7/12 str
    Chitin Shell gauntlets +7/12 str
    +8/80 raptor
    Almost all the armor and the raptor are rebithed (except the helmet)
    Elemental pendant +1 *
    Bronze earring +1 *
    RoC +0 *
    Quest belt
    Quest Earring
    Quest Ring

    This character has very low national points as I have only PK'd with him while farming bosses in the bowl.

    In the inn:

    Couple pieces of high class items such as salamander staffs, cleaver, chitin/crimson, and a +5/11 dagger defense crimson helmet. 3 pieces of +1 priest shell, 7 pieces of +1 complete, several accessories ranging from +5 to +9 a +5/40 spear defense shield, +6 exceptional graham, +6 harpoon, +1 elixir staff, a trinas piece, 2 harpy queen feathers, 2 tails of lesath, 2 fangs of bakkira, 2 pieces of +7 complete, a +7 glave, a totamic spear, and approximately 475 million coins.

    if theres any other questions feel free to pm me, I'm only taking western union, and will most likely be turning around and using that money to purchase a 70+ warrior. I would trade straight accross, but there are too many scammers out there.

    * The items marked by an asterisk (*) are items I transfer back and forth depending on what account I am using, I do not have 2 of each of them.

    I have the registered e-mail, and the e-mail's password, as well as all secret questions and seal/unseal passwords.

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    both are on same acct? im looking to buy 72+mage- no personal staff/pole?

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    Yes they are both on the same account, and he has the pole of player, it is at +4, and if you feel adventurous, there is a trina in the inn as well :P

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    I hope post count and jion date aren't discouraging you, I have an old account here with a voucher post, and I'm fairly well known. If this is a porblem for you, PM me your MSN, and I'll tell you who this really is. Currently no offers yet!

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    whats up noob lol~~~~ :P

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    A few pm's are rolling in now finally, I'll update with current offers when I get them.


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