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    Selling my account and my items.

    Warrior LVL 70 - 71% 85k Np
    * Cursed monster quest open

    Priest lvl 59 (DLW char) 5k Np

    Mage lvl 65 - 14% 123k Np
    * Gargoyle,Doom soldier,crimson wing and cursed monster hunt open

    Valkyrie set hp
    Valkyrie set xp
    2 golden bars
    20 gb cash
    shitload of scrolls (2000hp/350ac/1500hp/300ac/swift/lion/str/attack/hp/teleport/respawn)
    about 2k KC
    shitload of other more noobie stuf (tranny,enchant,quest shit and so on)


    Warrior shell set +7/str
    Dual WE+1
    Skeleton belt+1
    Warrior Pendant+3
    Iron Impact +8
    Giga axe 2h lightning+7
    Giga axe 1h lightning +7
    Exceptional tota +7
    Scorpion shield +7
    Shield of player +4
    FP +8 set/str
    Grade 1 set +8/hp
    FP helmet+6/25 dd
    FP helmet+5/20 spear
    Scream scroll
    Complete set+7/hp
    Glacier erenion +8
    Lightning erenion+7
    All spels and blasts
    BP set +8/str (gloves and pads are +9/str)
    BP set +8/hp
    Belt of str+2
    Belt of life+1
    Belt of intell+1
    BP cap +7/15 dd
    BP cap +5/20 spear
    BP shoes+5/20 spear
    BP gloves+5/20 spear
    Large kite shield+5/40dd
    Large kite shield+6/48 spear
    Ice belt
    ruby earring str3/hp16
    ruby earring str1/hp12

    Taking offers on this whole account or on the items in USD/EURO trough WU or PayPal.
    PayPal users wil have to wait untill the money is in my bankaccount before they receive any item.
    .Not trading anything,not interested in anything else but USD/EURO

    Stil playing this account at the moment , so there might be a slight difference in xp,np and so on.

    Serious offers you can leave me in pm on this forum.

    Greetings ChupaChup

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    need 1k usd for acc and all the math.....its not expensive ;-)

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    Dear Chupa, my old friend... i'd like to tell you that i don't have any items from OldieS on my warrior or on the mage of my bro (that my friend is playing so it's useless to pm him and insult him, 1st his english sux and 2nd he doesn't care). So i'd like that you stop tell everyone that i'm a scammer because i'm not one and move the msn adress of me and my bro from you sign.
    And like you see, i don't even insult or attack you, not like some OldieS people in their letters or pm's...
    Dikke kuss my dear

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    Id like to buy Giga axe 2h lightning+7 email me at [email protected] to talk about price. I am able to pay usd via paypal. thank you


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