selling my main, dcz warrior account --- via paypal
lvl: 59 - orc
np - 42500 - in a good clan

ap - when buffed - 1952 (very high for a dcz warrior....that doesnt have a rappy +9 =P)
ac -when buffed - 1051

items include:

+4 rebirth raptor (184 ap)(with elemental of course)
+8/15 str chitin set
+1 amulet of strength
+14 str earring
+12 str earring
dual +16 str rings
+14 str belt
valkyrie set (+300 hp) - still good for many months
2 x pathos glove - +6% ap

all quest jewelry still on the warrior
+8/15 hp plate shield
+9/19 hp kite shield
+9/90 pike (108 ap)
+8 hp chitin helmet
+7 hp chitin set (besides helm)
+7 totamic club
150m noah
plenty of 1500 hp scrolls, speed pots, 300 ac, +15 str, and attack scrolls
lvl 32 pet
and an inventory fullll of items....high/middle

also have a lvl 45 warrior on the same account - for bdw

im done with k.o., and had lotsss of fun with this warrior.....he does alott of damage.....hard to kill, especially with a healer
(this is in arrdream of course...and i still got a decent amount of cz kills when i went)

im selling this account for u.s. dollars only and you can pay with paypal
just give me an offer....and we will work somethin out!!
this account has good items and is good on its own.....everything you need to be one of the best dcz warriors

i can also sell a lvl 58 priest account....mostly naked...for cheap
offer quick