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S> lvl 71 WARRIOR , 65 mage , 59 priest

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    Selling my account and my items.

    Warrior LVL 71 - 20% - 95k Np

    Priest lvl 59 (DLW char) 5k Np

    Mage lvl 65 - 14% 123k Np
    * Gargoyle,Doom soldier,crimson wing and cursed monster hunt open

    Gold premium
    Valkyrie set hp
    Valkyrie set xp
    12 golden bars
    Some coins
    shitload of scrolls (2000hp/350ac/1500hp/300ac/swift/lion/str/attack/hp/teleport/respawn)
    shitload of other more noobie stuf (tranny,enchant,quest shit and so on)


    Warrior shell helmet +7/str
    Warrior shell pauldron +8/str
    Warrior shell pads +8/str
    Warrior shell boots +7/str
    Warrior shell gaunts +8/str
    Dual WE+1
    Skeleton belt+1
    Warrior Pendant+3
    Iron Impact +8
    Giga axe 2h lightning+7
    Giga axe 1h lightning +7
    Haungak sword +8
    Exceptional tota +7
    Scorpion shield +7
    Shield of player +5
    FP +8 helmet +8/str
    FP +8 pads +8/str
    FP +8 boots +8/str
    Chitin boots +5/20 spear
    Grade 1 set +8/hp
    FP helmet+6/25 dd
    FP helmet+5/20 spear
    Scream scroll
    Complete set+7/hp
    Crimson pads +8/15 hp
    Papermage set +8/15 hp
    Red eye staff +9
    All spels and blasts
    BP set +8/str (gloves and pads are +9/str)
    BP set +8/hp
    Belt of str+2
    Belt of life+1
    Belt of intell+1
    BP cap +7/15 dd
    BP cap +5/20 spear
    BP shoes+5/20 spear
    BP gloves+5/20 spear
    Large kite shield+5/40dd
    Large kite shield+6/48 spear
    Ice belt+1
    ruby earring str3/hp16
    ruby earring str1/hp12

    I need a offer of 1600 USD for this whole account , trough paypal or WU
    Not selling it for less , dont need more. Not selling my items seperatly , it is either the entire account or nothing at all

    Stil playing this account at the moment , so there might be a slight difference in xp,np and so on.

    Serious OFFERS you can leave me in pm on this forum.

    Greetings ChupaChup

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    u have 100k NP's now

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    careful forum nazi's are going to be here soon. They'll probably remove your post (no +2/+3 unique sales :S)


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