I am selling a character on Ares. It's level 72 rogue with AC and EXP Gryphon armor. Has 20 days of Platuim Premuim left. Will sell the character naked or equipped depending on the offer. Also not in a hurry to sell so i'll wait till i get the best offer.

Shard +8 (Not Rebirth)
Personal +7 (Not Rebirth)
Chitin Helmet +5/15 Rebirth
Chitin Pauldon +5/15 Rebirth
Chitin Pads +5/15 Rebirth
Chitin Boots +5/15 Rebirth
Chitin Shell Gauntlets +5/15 Rebirth
Priest Pendant +1
All Quest Accessories
Full Dex +9 Jewls
Full Str +9 Jewls
Full HP +9 Jewls
+7 Undy Set

Those are the main items. I have Scrolls, random junk in the inn and many other pots along with 50ml coins. I have all secruity answers and questions. Email and all payment information if needed.

Give me a PM in Ko4Life. Thanks