Selling lvl 74 35%, 725k np Human Rogue (7 days gold prem as of August 5th)


2x Cleaver +9/90 (102 AP)
2x Mirage Dagger +8/80 Unrebirthed
1x Chitin Bow +7
1x Enion Bow +8


Rogue Chitin +5/15 Rebirthed Dex Set
Rogue Chitin Goblin Pauldron and Pads
Rogue Chitin +7/12 HP (All except Pads, unrebirthed)
Tier 1/2 +8/15 STR set


2x Rogue Earring +1
1x Rogue Earring +0
1x Warrior Pendant +1
1x Skeleton Belt +0
1x Glass Belt +0
1x Elf Belt +0
2x Ring of Life +0
1x Priest Pendant +0

Defense Gear:

Rogue FP DD +6/25
2x Rogue SpearD boots +5/20
2x Rogue SpearD Helmet +5/20

Random Scrolls, Pots, Keys, Tails etc. in the inn... ill check it later

Not for sure selling... would like to see some prices before we decide

sold seperately or together whatever floats ur boat