so my mage has around 300 K nps ( and additional 200 k in clan) so together around 370 k when you quit clan.( it has around 10 days Gold premmy left)

Also on account is a lvl 61,4 Sin with many XP quests open!
and a lvl 47 Mage for dlw..

I can sell the account naked (preferable) but also with a nice weapon (WOE +8).
Items i will let on account,if you buy naked or not:

- Full Paper Mage (G1 and G2 parts) +8
- All Mage scrolls (powerscroll,thunderblast,impact....)
- 1 GB for repot a little

I have all sqs ofc...

Im willing to trade for IGI but i would prefer USD via WU only.

If you make me an USD offer,pls dont pm me with offers below 175 $.I want at least 175 $ for it.

So ty and start pming me smile.gif

The best offer atm is 175 $.i will wait 2 days from now on for other offers,otherwise mage is sold.