hey all, i'm selling a lvl 75 warrior - it has just under 550k np. I am the origional owner of the account, i have the 3 secret questions and answers, the seal and unseal pw, email and all that jaz to give to the buyer. it doesn't have to many crash hot items on it -
a raptor + 1/ 70 poison.
2 X shell + 1/12 str rest is + 5 & 6.
char has 4 X + 9 hp jewelry, rest is + 7.
1 X + 9 str jewelry, rest is + 7.
1 X + 8/15 hp leather pauldren rest is + 7 lol... you gettin sick of the + 7 stuff yet
there are a few random scrolls lying around in my in, tp to friend, speed... all that stuff
scream scroll
and a lvl 35 pet awwwwww, ima gunna miss him lol

so yeah, if your in it for the items, this isn't really the buy for you. unfortunatley i'm selling the account and items together, couldn't be stuffed sellin seperatly

i will give the buyer all the account info once i have been paid, any further questions feel free to ask

pretty much i really want a ps3 and am over playing ko, so all the other random items in my inn, i'll leave as well cheers all.