Hey guys i need to sell all this stuff so i can raise money for a nice weapon

Warrior chitin Armors
1) Gaunts+5 RB=4GBs (SOLD)
2) Pouldron+3RB=2GBs
3) Pads+5RB=4GBs(SOLD)
4) Helm+5RB=4GBs
5) Boots+4RB=3GBs
6) Mirage Sword +8 Non RB (need price check)
7) Totamic Spear +8 Non RB (need price check)
8) Impact +8 Non RB (need price check)
9) Full plate Priest 25DD helm 130 mill (need price check)
10)X2 Trinas 50 Mill each
11) Selling lvl 59 Warrior DLW has around 20K NP or maybe 30K dont remember. With DOB,Email everything neede to change it so its 100% yours maybe get 4GBs or 6GBs
12) Priest FP 25Axe Defence Gaunts (cheap,offer pls)
13) Priest FP 25 Axe Defence Boots (cheap, offer pls)
14) RB +1 Priest shell Helm, Pouldron, Pads, Boots =60mill each

Im usually on KO so you can feel free to PM me in game to DEATHxPROOF. Thanks.