S> Orc Mage 73(90%)lvl 270k np
Chars on account: Mage 73lvl 270k np , Warrior 61lvl 50k np, Warrior 58lvl 10k np


Iron Necklase
Glass Belt
Flame Ring
Ring Of Magic
Warrior Earring
Sicret-Silver Earring
Chitin Shield +0

Mage items:

Pauldron: Complete Robe +7(reverse)
Pads: Crimson Pads +8
Helmet: Crystal Helmet +6(25dd), Mage Helmet +5(20spear)
Gauntlet: Crimson Gloves +8(reverse), Crystal Gloves +6(25axe)
Boots: Complete Boots +8(reverse), Crystal Boots +5(20spear)

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