Hi, I donīt got time to play :unsure:
so I am selling my char and itens

Human Rogue lvl 73
225.000 npīs + 100.000 npīs donate in clan
No quest itens

2 x Shard +8 [SOLD]
2 x Holing roster [SOLD]
2 x Ring of Life [SOLD]
1 x PP +1 [SOLD]
1 x elf belt [SOLD]
Paldron Chitin Shell +8 DEX [SOLD]
Helmet Chitin +8 DEX [SOLD]
gaulent Chitin +8 DEX [SOLD]
Pads Chitin Shell +8 Dex [SOLD]
Boots Chitin Shell +8 Dex [SOLD]

USD only
contact me here or
[email protected]
[email protected]
0055 64 81113089