The mages comes with.....

(((Valkirie Armor,Helmet with HP and Pauldron with HP too)))
Linene Set +8/hp
Hard leather gloves +8/hp
Hard leather boots +8/hp
wreath of erenion +7
Speard dfens boots +5
spear defens gauntlets +5
spear defens helmet +5
dd mage helmet +6 (req. 116int)
elemental necklace +0
hp+9 belt
hp+9 ring
and the rest of accsesories are quest items
And have all scrolls what a lvl 67 mage need

51k nps and 23 (silverpremium left)

THe mage can be sold/trade of course without items too !!

accept only KARUS SIDE ROGUES (or igc)