selling lvl 53 karus papper warrior [[ LOGOS ]]
231 str
65 hp
np's: 1k u cant pk alot with when u papper
i havent do any quest at lvl 53
also didnt do haunga/haunga warrior/dts
i have all quest jewels and chrismass pendet/belt

raptor +1/70 rebirth
warrior shell helmt +1/12 str
warrior shell pauldron +1/12 str
warrior shell pads +1/12 str
warrior shell boots 1/12 str
warrior shell gaunts 1/12 str
5gb's cash
complete boots +7/12 hp [ not rebirth ]
1x 30 1500 buff scroll
1x 1 attack scroll

master items:
10 opal, 10 crystal, 10 crude
still didnt get the 3 uniques for master.

looking for +62 warrior on any other server fully equip
or logos mage priest +60 full equip
offers ppl no $