Please do not post if you want something, maybe I will overlook it.

Pleaes PM me if you want to buy an item or trade me your item for one of mine, thanks.


warrior earring +2

warrior chitin pauldron +8

lightning erenion +7

glacier erenion +7

linen belt +2 (Str +14 HP +2)

fire belt+0

Trident +8/80 Poison Damage

warrior FP Helmet +6/25 DD

warrior Plate Helmet +6/25 DD

Warrior FP Helmet, 2x Gloves, & Boots +5/20 Spear Defense

Battle Priest Cap +3/10 DD

battle priest 2x Gloves, Boots, & Helmet +5/20 spear Defense

Battle Priest Gloves, Boots, & Helmet +4/15 sword Defense

Ruby Ring +0

Amulet of Intelligence +0

Priest FP Helmet, Pauldron, & Pads +8/15 HP

Priest FP Boots +6/25 Axe Defense

Large Kite Shield +4/32 DD

2x Holy Water of Temples

3x Tails of Shaula

4x Feathers of Harpy Queen


shard(s) +8

mirage dagger(s) +8

rogue chitin armors +8 DEX or HP

rogue full plate armors +8/HP or +9/DEX

rogue full plate helmet +6/25 DD

any accessories for rogue character