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Seling Shard +8/80 / Raptor +8

This is a discussion on Seling Shard +8/80 / Raptor +8 within the Ares forums, part of the Market Place category; offer me IGI / IGC or USD via WU Selling: gb's 60 ($30 for 10gb) String of Skulls new belt ...
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    offer me IGI / IGC or USD via WU


    gb's 60 ($30 for 10gb)

    String of Skulls new belt 10ac spear 5 dagger 5 club 5 str 5 health 5 glacier 30

    <strike>Shard +4 rebirth 98/77 (looking for around $65 USD) </strike>

    Shard +8/80 ( sold 1 1 left. ) ( buy out 120 USD)

    Raptor +8/80 (buy out 120 USD)

    Warrior full plate dd25 ( 30 USD)

    Iron Belt +0 ( offer UD)

    <strike>Giga 2 hand lightning +7 non rebirth </strike>

    <strike>Priest Pendant +2 </strike>

    Buy more than 1 items for discount !!!
    USD or in game items through WU
    Too many charges on Paypal.
    Also selling:

    Lvl 62 human el moard big warrior

    1 account

    lvl 61 human el morad male priest

    2nd account
    3rd account:

    lvl 61 human el moraod female mage

    lvl 62 human el morad big warrior

    I will take a few gb&#39;s or items for these accounts.

    lets start a list of people who try to trade scam me :
    zapista_tr (or however u spell it) [tried to tell me shard +8/80 is 21gb and tried to buy my cleaver +9 for 12gb...zzzzzzz]


    GG buyer fast payment Michaeljl3 ign Vexin
    DEATHxPROOF GG buyer sold 15GB got paid INSTANTLY
    _:;Timothy;:_ In game Trader
    Mirage dagger +8/80 - saibakpo GG BUYER
    COLD HEART DAGGER +7 - misterfrisco GG BUYER
    H202 GG Trader
    VERY GG trader Tschenk4 Big TRADE... =D
    GG buyer fast payment xxDINGxx

    Am I trustable:;#entry1686776

    if u traded with me before, please post =D

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    that link for "am i trustable" is a link to the ko4life homepage

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    updated link: thanks for telling me =D


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