Posting it for an IRL friend (one of the fews that does not speak english yet...nowadays)

Since he stopped playing KO since lots of months ( smthing like 6 or more months) , he preferes to sell the whole account.

The priest is lvl 83 90% ( so almost 83/1 ) and he comes with the following "main" gear:

- ruahue +9 [ there are only 2x ruahue+9 on server ]
- krovaz set hp +7
- adamant shield +7

( the adamant shield and the rest of the jewels like belt+2, ce+2, taurus rings may be sold apart if the account buyer is not interested in them )

The account will be sold in euro ( but eventually IGI =in game items may be considered too or even a combination of the 2 methods )
I can confirm that the account is:

100% legit: it was freshly created 1 year ago, never shared, never temporaly banned.
100% safe: 100% trustable seller - i may end up doing a sort of "man in the middle" since the acc.owner barely speaks english. (u write to me.. i translate to him and viceversa doh)

The owner ( and his char )is well known by the main english human clans on ares: Pw (phoenix warlords -where he was till he decided to leave KO), symbian ..& others.