Paypal is acceptable/WU is acceptable/Olympia Chars - Items acceptable (Need a mediator though for this one)


Level 65 Warrior/Level 65 Priest
both on Karus side with 0 Rofd Quests done

Level 61 Rogue/Level 61 Rogue on Edana (Human Side)



Hell Breaker+7 [sold to joshtan for $130]

Smite Hammer+7

Defender of the Lord+7

Scorpion Shield+7

Chitin Shell Pads +8/15 Str for Warrior

Priest DD Cap+6/25 defense

Lobo Hammer+7

1 Handed Deep Scar+8

2 Handed Giga +7 (Samma drop)

Mirage +7 Sword

Mage Earring+0

2x MageLinen caps+5/20 spear def

Priest Full Plate Helmet+6/25 Dagger Defense

offer away