I am selling my lvl 72 85%mage and looking for in game item offers only. I see to many scams to trust paypal or other online payment methods.

**Mage is naked and does not have personal staff**
**I am the only owner of the account and have had sole possesion since I created it. I have it in a safe email account and have all SQ answers.**
**Mage has 120k nps, and all quest are completed and all skills that require scrolls have them. Mage has a DCZ character on it as well**
mage has 3 quest jewels left, gryphons , pathos gloves , bronze premium ~15 days, dual mage swords and acid pots come with account smile.gif

But since I am trying to quit...I will be open to any offer that you can make. I will not trade for other characters.

- - Do Not Forget. . . Mages are great for Saturday Wars and thay are very easy to equip. - -

Have a great day!