Selling/Trading List :
Priest Shell Set (+8/15 hp) (Pads are rebirthed)
Priest Full Plate Helmet (+6) Dagger Defense
Priest Full Plate Boots (+5) Spear Defense
Priest Cap +6 Dagger Defence (64 int required)
Fabric Coat and Pants (+5/20) Club Defense
Priest Shoes, Gloves and Cap (+5/20) Spear Defense
Chitin Shield (+3)
Scorpion Shield (+8)
Mage Paper Pauldron (+9/19 hp)
Mage Hat (+6) Dagger Defense (54 int required)
Mage Shoes and Hat (+5/20) Spear Defense
Mage Linen Cap (+6) Dagger Defense (92 int required)
Lycaon Staff (+6)
Lobo Staff (+8)
Glacier Erenion (+8)
Lightning Erenion (+8)
Ron's Staff (+8)
Smite Hammer (+7)
Impact (+8)
Iron Impact (+8)
Platinum Earring (+1)
Warrior Plate Helmet (+6) DD
Transformation Totem

Buying List :
Warrior Shell Boots, Helmet and Pads (+8/15 str) (not rebirth!)
Giga Axe (+8) 2h or Avedon(+8)
Exc. Totemic Spear (+8) or Lugias(+8)
ROCs (+0/1) or ROLs (+0/1) or ROFs (just tell me how many do u have of them)
Warrior Earrings (+0/1)
Chitin Shield (+6)
Warrior Full Plate Helmet (+6) DD
Priest Full Plate Pauldron and Helmet (+9/19 hp)
Iron Necklace

Leave your offers, don't ask how much...