These pages don't seem to get much traffic these days but I figured I'd try and sell some items I have left in my account. They're not much and I'm not looking for a whole lot for them so if you're interested shoot me an offer (I'm gonna go anvil happy if I don't have anyone interested in buying).
Here is what I have:

warrior earring +1 (x2)
warrior pendant +2
roc +1
foverin +2
skeleton belt

chitin helmet +5 rev
chitin pauldron +5 rev
chitin pads +8
chitin gauntlets +5 rev

full plate pauldron +9
full plate pads +9
full plate boots +9

all 5 pieces of weapon defense chitin either +7 or +1 rev

lugias +5 rev
hanguk +5 rev

dread shield +6

In my inn i have mostly junk but maybe a few things that might get a few gbs, don't know what the market is like these days (flame ring, hellblood, enion bow, that 75 ap cracker for leveling)
I also have a few random items from the PUS that I'll throw in.