Second yea m8 300$ for Avedon +8 :S ata zarih lahsov lifni trade...AQ , too low , NLwesje , i doubt if HB+8 worth 300$ , if its true then Avedon worth? 400 prolly ( i've offer HB+8 + IN + WE for Avedon , make it in USD and you'll see ) .[/b]
lol @ you, video the trade for us will you?

p.s. i never asked for 400$ i asked for 333$ or something around that which is more near 300$ aposed to 400$

i wont offer to this redemption guy to be quite honest... ive seen his market posts, and what he looks for makes him look greedy, so no thanks.[/b]

my topics? iv only made 2 topics and thats for selling this. the rest are just price checks and questions