trade too for priest item : chitin goblin pads and pauldron, priest chitin+8 (hp) boots helm and gauntlet
rol, roc, we, ce, glassbelt

my list :
1.set complet mage +7(+1rb)
2.set shell rogue +7(+1rb)
3.set shell priest +7(+1rb)
4.set fp+8 rogue (+15 dext)
5.set fp+8 priest (+15 hp) SOLD
6.set chitin priest +7(+1rb)
7.scorpion shield+6 SOLD
9.dual smite hammer+6 one SOLD
10.lupus hammer+6
14.dual ironbow+7(+1rb)
15.ironbow+7 no bonus SOLD
16.elemental pendant (ep) SOLD
17.dual cleric earring SOLD

18.rogue earring (re)
19.dual kekury ring+1
20.warrior pendant (wp)
21.belt of dexterity
22.dual mirage dagger+7(+1rb)
23.dual stilletto+8
24.Amulet of Godess
25.lobo pendant, lupus pendant and lycaon pendant
27.totamic spear+7(+1rb)
28.double blade+8
29.scorpion shield reduce for mage or rogue
30.kekury belt
31.chitin rogue pauldron goblin
32.opal,crudes and crystals
33.kekury ring
34.dual crystal earring
35.mana belt
36.crystal ring
37.Crystal Neacklase
38.set crimson goblin
40.glacier erenion+6
42.dual sword of beast +7 SOLD
43.priest impact+7(+1rb)
44.priest hacker+8

then thee are also more jewels+7 +8 +9, scrolls of bus .....
I quiet definitly this game

ty for you