if i sell usd, its through WU only...but ofc ill take igi/igc/ig characters
offering a gg clan 20GB to go down to the cape quest felankor, and kill it. we tried to kill it ourselves and we failed by just a bit..so im looking to buy one. after youve killed it once, u can do it again and i dont think it will cost you any nps (unless u fail). 20gbs to do it, clan leaders pm me

selling list:
lvl 73.55% orc rogue 520k np 225$
iron belt 140$
shard+5/80 110$
rol b/o 70$
re 35$
wp+3 b/o 260$
ms+7/83 rebirth (179 ap, 206 str requirement) b/o 150$ also goin on anvil if no offers ^^
wp 40$
rogue fp dd 25 helmet b/o 75$
smite hammer+8 b/o 130$
rogue earing b/o 35$
warrior shell gaunt+8 no rb b/o 40$
2x rol+1 165$ each
legionare band 80$
pe b/o 50$
dual foverin (can sell individually) 45$ for 1 80$ for dual
amulet of dex+1 40$
gold bars for 3$ each
if you dont like the prices, we can negotiate or combine shit

buying list for usd:
chitin shield +7/8
+9 shards/dv
buying list for igi
+8/15 rogue shell gaunts/pads rb or no rb
elf belt+1/2 ske belt+2/ glass belt
2x rol+1/2 rof+0
2x eme+0/1 re+1/2/howling rooster
lvl 75+ human rogue account