hey all, need a laptop for collage so i'm selling my priest, it's lvl 73 65%, human, and has 26000 np donated to clan currently skilled to:
60 buff
60 heal
3 duff
5 master
account comes with a lvl 59 warrior (noob cz) and a lvl 30 rogue, i have a personal shield + 4 and a trina. i've got a hell of a lot of pots, and scrolls to make them. i know all the secret questions, email, seal/unseal, and payment details to give to you. 3 or 4 +9 hp jewels rest are +7 same with str. full set of +7 bp str gear (for pot making) a lot of shell to be upgraded, and a few other random items in the inn. i have a +7/1 rebirth PI. like a said, i need the money for a laptop and am giving up ko (engineering is a bitch, lol) any questions just ask

also has 23 days of s-prem left