dol 8 = 130usd
Dual RoL +1=300usd for both
eme +1=115usd
re +1=110usd
fp 9 set rogue (no helm)=offer
Plate rogue dd 25=30usd
crystal dd 25=20usd
dd40shield= 50usd
holy animor 7= 80usd
shard +8reb (107ap) = offer
ss 0 = 30usd
skelly belt = 80usd
in = 120usd

offer away for this stuff:

horn xbow +9= offer
rogue paper str. set +8 = offer
oasis +7
fire belt and lighting belt
crimson armors +8 (boots/gaunt/pads are +5reb. and pauldron is +4reb.) no helm
priest chitin +8 (boots/pads +5reb. and gaunts are +3reb.)
priest gob chitin pauldron
priest fp dd 25
glacier erenion 7
90rice cakes(make u small) and 40x bezoar (make u big)
bakira teeth/harpy feathers/lesath and shaula tails/saphires/crystals/gloomwings/opals/thousands of firecrackers/2x 20th floor abyss keys
priest +7 shell set (+1rebset) hp
3x valk armor certificates
2x valk helm certificates
some snowmen
lots of hp/dex/1500hp/300ac/attk /speed scs
50 or 60 weapon enchant scs
50 or 60 armor enchant scs

w/u only plz and thx. willing to make good deals for the shit items near the bottom of the list. also check my trustability with knux and norbit sigs. also traded with syx_resser, priestess, gg_trader and many others with paypal and w/u (im only accepting wu tho) thx guys happy bidding!