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Selling Raptor +8/80

This is a discussion on Selling Raptor +8/80 within the Ares forums, part of the Market Place category; he wont to scam me too^^ first he wont a war acc then my shell+7 ss+3 21gb and trinas! after ...
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    he wont to scam me too^^ first he wont a war acc then my shell+7 ss+3 21gb and trinas! after my offer he wont a rap+7 too! i told him that i have no rap+7 just +1! he mean" give my the rap i make it +7""i know to upgrade" he was trying 4 times to get the rap+1 from me^^after talking with him my alert bells was ringing


    :P :P :P :P B) B) B) B) B)

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    as i said, just a lame attempt at a scam

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    here is more info and history about this GUY!!

    NOW he is goind to make a NEW MEMBERSHIP ACCT FROM KO4LIFE........ B)

    FJDO=GETDATDOWN same guy....

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    ye this guy is a retarded scamer i oferd him my totamic spear +8 and 25 gbs... he wanted cash first then items lol
    so i sad him ok i give you tota 21 gb and some crapy dd for 500m than we trade again you give me that helm back and i give you cash he said to em that i want to scam him... /die pls
    but anyway thx to my rasta friend konjbeztmilosti i have my rappy :wub:

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    OMG??? POPONAUT? (caps ftw)
    I bought my first +6 chitin from him
    remember i saw him waaaay later and he was still in his chitin +7 set and glave +7
    i was pimped with shell +7 dual md +8s
    even my baby warrior was more pimp then him
    I like the word pimp okey
    /pimp out[/b]
    Dude pls understand that this isnt the real poponaut the real poponaut got his acount hacked by this guy and now he scames everibody how do u think the real poponaut feels when his name is being used like that ...i realy hate this focker he tried to scam me to)

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