How i got the char myself:
Bought a rogue on dethecus, but since old owners friend had bought tbc he wrote to blizz and got all info changed.
old owner gave me this char instead just to be fair (he even paid 1k gold for it)

Why i sell:
Im getting tired of playing wow, also there starts the new server in ko
PCT is ready!

The account got quest blues from TBC 62-70~
350+ Mining
260~ Blacksmithing/ArmorSmith
no xtra gold
Char is ready to be prot if wanted, only thing required is a respecc.

Im looking for:
+70 mage WITH gear so i can go pk right away ect.

I only have ID and PASS because im a retard and not get the last info
I cant request them changed at blizzard since i havent used credit card myself (i had this account for 1½month, got it with playtime)
But i guess when/if someone use credit card and request for info changed blizzard will do

Only accepted is WU
email [email protected]
msn [email protected]