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A Trade I Recently Made.

This is a discussion on A Trade I Recently Made. within the Ares forums, part of the Market Place category; I Purchased a Halberd +8 for 45 m, a bardish +5 and 2 blade +5. I don't know if this ...
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    I Purchased a Halberd +8 for 45 m, a bardish +5 and 2 blade +5. I don't know if this was a good deal. Any comments.

    P.S. what does hb stand for?

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    First of all, HB can mean two things..
    1) When your in PvP [Player[s] vs Player[s], HB can mean Human Base..
    2) But HB is more commonly known as a Hell Breaker, which is a priest/warrior weapon.

    Secondly, this topic you made is in the wrong section of the ko4life forum.

    And finally, if that question you asked is really meant on this forum, my advice/replies for you;

    - The least you could do, is play on Girakon or any server that is below Edana or so because Ares is the oldest and probably toughest server in USKO [ISW FTW! xD] ..
    - Many people might just tell you to quit, because this game has become far more gayer and more "advanced" than the old days where the enviornment of the game looked as if it was owned by cavemen. Basically saying, too much to explain in this reply post about the game, when it isnt the right section anyway [Look up Basic Game Knowledge] or something :P
    - The items you bought are obviously for novice players, and to be quite honest, I wouldnt spend 1 coin on any of the items, maybe for 1M to go upgrade, but thats it xD..


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    lmaooo bb ur so mean to him bahahahaa

    if ur under 55 then its not a bad deal, but i definately wouldnt have bought that.
    anywho, try saving up for a raptor +7, or +6 depends on your stat points and level.

    o and btw, once i get all my items back, ima pwn ur ass. (blackbreed)


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