Hi, as topic sais I am trading ares for cypher ( will accept usd if good offer )

What I have On ares

Lvl 63 rogue 72k nps 50% HUMAN ( I have lvl 64 Karus rogue if U like karus also. at 70% :::: 1 higher lvl at more percent ::::::
Dual Mirage Dagger +8/80
Scorpion Shield +1 ( can use str is up )
Chitin Gaunlets +8/15 dex
Chitin Boots +8/15 dex
Chitin Helmet +1 rebirth
Chitin pads +7/12 dex
Chitin Pauldron +1 rebirth
2x 1000 hp scrolls
Clan = Ready2Kill

P.S ( if you dont trust me , we will have to use a middleman ko4life mod or admin, because I dont trust anyone )

add me on msn ... [email protected]