Selling GB's 60GB for $30 for 10gb via WU




Warrior Pendant+0

Also selling accounts:

Priest lvl 61

Warrior lvl 62

Mage lvl 61 / warrior lvl 59

Will take items for that accounts, gbs, or USD

each character listed will sell for ONLY $10 USD~~~~~

GG buyer fast payment Michaeljl3 ign Vexin
DEATHxPROOF GG buyer sold 15GB got paid INSTANTLY
_:;Timothy;:_ In game Trader
Mirage dagger +8/80 - saibakpo GG BUYER
COLD HEART DAGGER +7 - misterfrisco GG BUYER
H202 GG Trader
VERY GG trader Tschenk4 Big TRADE... =D
GG buyer fast payment xxDINGxx
many others.....too long to list.