My Name is respected by alot of clans!!
I am very respectful I've been playing for many years and have sold/traded items and accounts to many people.
Selling Mage Level 60 50% Ice Arch Mage(Human)
2 Days of Silver Premium Remaining
12k nps
Crimson boots +6/10 hp
Crimson gloves+6/10 hp
Crystal robe+7/12 hp
Crystal Pads+7/12 hp
Crimson Helmate +6/13 DD
Wood Staff+8
Valkyrie Set EXP
Valkyrie Set HP
26 million noahs

some other stuff!

Alot Of Quests Left:
Karus Symbol
Fallen Angel
All Complete quests

I got Secret Question and answer email etc

I will trade for a level 60+ Mage OR Priest on another server with decent items! pm me!

Also Trading level 64 55% mage on ronark with all paper armor+7/12 wood staff+8 and 120k nps+