I need ONE CHARACTER ACCOUNT, it may have other nooby-made characters on the ares account too but all I need right now is a lvl 63-65 BATTLE PRIEST -->NAKED<-- Which I am willing to give in for my naked account [WITH S.Q.A.]

Basically, there is a clan that I need to join, and I have been slow on exp... And to join this clan that I should have already been in, I need a lvl 63+ character, but I ONLY ACCEPT PRIESTS. My trade is giving you a 61.50 bp and a 58 warrior and 48 mage for just one 63+ Priest... This is an emergency, May someone please tell me if you&#39;ve got a 63-65 priest up for sale or trade, I am 110% trade-able/trustworthy, and have many people to tell you so.

Character names in game account are; TrinityInfinity, Clanicalexorcism, Arcticposiedon...

Thanks -DJade/Trinity[T.I.]