Raptor +1/70 Rebirth
Warrior Chitin Dagger Defense Helmet+7
Warrior Chitin Gauntlets +7/12 str
Warrior Chitin Speard Defense Boots+7
Warrior Chitin Pads +7/12str
Warrior Chitin Pauldron +7/12str
Lycaon Pendant+0
Defender of the Lord+3 Last Offer: 20gbs & shard+4
Priest Chitin Shell Boots +1/12hp Rebirth
Priest Chitin Shell Helmet +1/12hp Rebirth
Priest Chitin Shell Pauldron +1/12hp Rebirth
Priest Chitin Shell Pads +1/12hp Rebirth
Priest Chitin Shell Gauntlets +1/12hp Rebirth
Priest Impact +1/70 Rebirth
Priest Impact +1/70 Rebirth
Wood Staff +9 with flame damage

Looking for:

Smite Hammer +6
Defender of the Lord+7 maybe +6
or any good offer for the items above

*Looking only for "Trade offers" im not selling these items for gbs, but ill take any offer if its good and even if it isnt for the items im asking for

*I may sell the "noobier items" like the one of the PI+1/70 Rebirth, the Lycaon +0 and the Wood Staff+9 for gbs, other items are strictly for trade