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Trading Shard+8 For Raptor +8

This is a discussion on Trading Shard+8 For Raptor +8 within the Ares forums, part of the Market Place category; Add my msn- [email protected] im ingame now so we can do tthe trade h34r:...
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    Default[email protected][email protected]
    they are 2 different links showing that he is a scammer
    he scammed my shard+8 and my 2h giga+7 as well. can he pls get an ip ban?
    msns: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    he knows how to change the password and email after you have changed it. for example, in a char trade he will change all the info after the trade is done from the acct that he traded you. then he will have 2 accts, you will have none.

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    lol this coming from spit the scammer means nothing, anyway its ingame trade so suck it ^^


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