Ok listen up you mages. While I was upgrading some of my uniques I happen to upgrade my elixer staff to +3 rebirth.
I currently need coins to buy some trinas and tears so I m going to sell it out fast to the first person who pm me on Ares 1. My merchant screen name is "Chiharu".

My price is extremely cheap (12GB). Given elixer +7 is on merchant range from as low as 600m to as high as 900m. A +3 rebirth should worth 15-18 GB.
Since I'm selling it to buy trinas and tears, I also accept trinas and tears of karivdis as trade. (I accept 4 trinas or 5 tears of karivdis)

Alright first to pm me gets it. I know you're all lower buyer here on the forum but u can't afford to miss this opportunity. Pm me fast!