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Sell items- sell characters

This is a discussion on Sell items- sell characters within the SteamKO Hellsgarem forums, part of the Market Place category; S>Items -Sash +3 -Dual WE +2 -IN +1 -AOC +3 - 2x Raptor +11 Rev Warior 83/2 300k nps-Fire Destroyer ...
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    Default Sell items- sell characters

    -Sash +3
    -Dual WE +2
    -IN +1
    -AOC +3
    - 2x Raptor +11 Rev

    Warior 83/2 300k nps-Fire Destroyer Title-DragonSet+7-Personal Sword+7-Personal Shield+7 Re-Quest
    Warior 83/3 300knp +7Dragon Set-+7Sword-+7Shield-+7Spear Re-Quest
    Rogue 83/1 %85 1.8mNP 100Def 7Kimera Dex Re-Quest

    -Book of Light+7#
    -Aztec Gold Molok+7-Works with light mage/Same stats as Elysium+8
    -Glass Belt+1
    -Dual Ce+3
    -Gabs Blessings+7
    -Mage83/1 800kNp -Most Speedy Title-Rons set+7-Personal Staff+7 Personal Pole+7 for undy
    Can sell as package or trade for characters/items on Cyper Wp:
    1-509-599-2519or msg me on forum
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