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+0 np?

This is a discussion on +0 np? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; does everyone get +0 np for now on because the new clan system? also if you gain/lose np for the ...
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    does everyone get +0 np for now on because the new clan system?

    also if you gain/lose np for the day does it add/subtract from the total ;x?

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    Player choose to give NP or not to your clan, so u can't be 0np if u don't choose it.
    Leader choose to auto change NP gained by his clan, so if u win usually 64np in cz, leader can choose that 10% of your total NP win will be redirected to clan NP bank xD

    Originally posted by knightonlineworld
    Clan Point Contribution System (determines Clan Rank)
    - Manual contribution - A set contribution determined by the player.
    - Automatic contribution Can be turned on or off by the Clan Leader and it pulls a
    percentage of the NP gain from the clan members. Clan NP can be spent by the Clan
    Leader on capes but this will also decrease the rank if too much is spent.
    - Quiting clan - Clan will lose the total amount that the member has contributed. The
    member will only get a 30% refund of their total contribution.

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    i think he means from clan ranking currently on kodb and knighotnlineworld

    it woudl seem as number of nps no longer matters, but how many the clan has been donated and clan rank.

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    kodb looks to the knight online sites and knights online site is struckt somehow so if kodb sees evryday the same np .
    also Dont let ppl leaf your clan after donation of np caus the clan wil loos all donated np and the donater wil only gain 30% back :blink:


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