Especially since now there are less mods active than before, there may be posts that may be considered offensive and bannable, and action had not been taken. In many cases people consider this as favoritism, when it is merely oversight. If you feel that any post is in infraction of any rule on ko4life, please do the following:

Visit the ko4life Problem Resolution Center and post your issue, with the link to the post and a short explanation why it is in infraction of the rules.

Because now you have the ability to report posts (though you always have had the ability), I want no more whining that "only some people are warned for certain infractions" when this is simply not true. Every Member has equality and it is therefore enforced as such.

Please do NOT PM a moderator or administrator about post issues, but instead post it in the ko4life Problem Resolution Center. Problems about rule infractions should be kept in the Problem Resolution Center.


Definitions of Infractions
What is racism?
Racism, in this forum, is defined formally as offending a group or a race with slander, hate phrases, and other forms of excessive messaging. Do I care if you grew up in a society full of racists, or if you grew up where everyone hated ________ race? No. Argument of "freedom of speech" does not apply here, as your freedoms end when another begins; if you begin flaming another user's race, it is inevitable for retaliation, and a flame war erupts. Your political/social views are be acceptable until they get to the point where they begin to become violent, hateful, and/or targeted towards a certain person/people that are consequently and inevitably afffected.

What is flaming?
Flaming is any unnecessary hateful spam towards another user in an overly condescending tone. "__________ is retarded" is considered a mild flame, and multiple posts of these may result in a mute. More excessive flames will culminate in immediate mutes/bans, such as overly offending remarks, depending on the moderator/administrator that enforces the rule.