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Adding a "Bandoiler" to the game.

This is a discussion on Adding a "Bandoiler" to the game. within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I didn't quite understand what you meant in your post but by "quick-switch" are you talking about for example: In ...
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    I didn't quite understand what you meant in your post but by "quick-switch" are you talking about for example: In Counter Strike, if you press 'q', your weapon returns to previously used or return to the primary weapon? But with armors/accessories? Like sets? I've had this idea longg ago but I'm not sure if that's what you mean, I'm too lazy to re-read :[[/b]
    That's pretty much it. Instead of Q or any letter, it would be a skill bar just like a pet skill bar is, you press ALT+1 and your 1 option will become wielded.

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    Yep, very helpful for PK, especially priests or warriors. When a BP needs to wear his hanguk/cs or whatever he/she has, press one letter and switch quick so you dont have to press I, re-equip whilst potting/running/speaking on vent, doing whatever. It's really basic options if you think about it, even D2:LOD has such a thing and that game is hella old. Warriors would like it too, when they know their opponents are wearing shitload of spear D, change to that giga or whatever else you got, and pwn 2 times faster =) or mages use mp/hp recovery staff in aoe exp when they're low on hp and back to primary staff, ;P

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    Part of the skill in PK is being able to switch armors/talias/shields when necessary.
    This would take away that aspect of skill.
    I dont like this idea.

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    Ok, So I like the new macro system, where it displays the words and all. But how about you do the same thing, but instead of words, you put in armors/weapons/uniques. For example.

    <blockquote>You bring up the bandoiler, and it&#39;s a picture of your current invetory and current items that you are wearing. You put in the items that you want on, and you set it to 1(or what ever the setting is). So now, when you have the "bandoiler" open, all you have to press is 1, and those selected items will automatically be switched.</blockquote>
    <blockquote>All this would be, is a simple quick-switch program that is built-in the client. This feature is in the game EverQuest, and is very useful during PK. For instance when you want to switch on a weapon-defense armor, or maybe shield or even a certain unique. And this is useful for exp also. It would be an easy switch into your undying armor.</blockquote>
    <blockquote>Overall this is a built-in program, that with a press of a button, you can easily switch your armors,weapons, or uniques.</blockquote>

    What do you guys think?[/b]
    Im sure k2 will take great consideration with this idea and implement it.

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