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Ah...the possibilities

This is a discussion on Ah...the possibilities within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i just read this thread and i wanna do many quotes ... but im kinda lazy to do it atm ...
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    i just read this thread and i wanna do many quotes ... but im kinda lazy to do it atm so i'll try to answer w/o quotes

    -im also a cyber cafe owner and i like the idea of banning for 10-30 days the ips of cafe ! i can already feel the pain of this lose ... (even im not using any 3rd party program in my cafe i can feel how those who use will be after this)

    -i also agree with the guy who said that some ppl cheating just coz many others doing it ... i've faced some legit players that wanted to cheat just coz "*everybody* doing it ... why not me?" !!

    -i will disagree with tolgahan about life bussines part ... so u saying that in bussiness money talks .. so on the name of money u will cheat if u could .. so u basicly agree with the guy who said that most turks would cheat if they could even in rl :/

    -imo 3 servers or even 2 servers (merging) would be better for community than what we facing now but it would be worst for k2 (less customers = less incomming ) ! u cant compare the population of servers when turkey dc coz non turks on 9 servers can make 2-3 servers being full of population ! (thats my opinion of course)

    -i remember when i was playing on ares when just released or even on xig when released (i never played on diez) .. like non had glow weapons or +8 armor or even shells ... who thinks that this was just coz game was still growing ? imo all those huge number of +8/+9 are being around just coz of cheat methods (dupe/upgrade/delete/keep 1)!! imo 1 of 1000 +8 is legit and 0 of +9 (high class) is legit ! even paper armors ... on those ages that pus scrolls worth like 2m in moradon who would be able to spend money on paper armor and upgrade scrolls to make a +9 ???? even those who made it legit way they used money that earned from merchants coz of overpriced prices ! and that happened just coz of duped money came in game ! there are characters in game with +9 shells and +2/+3 uniques that they r 2-3 or even 6 months old !!! who could imagine such a char 6 months or even 1 year after ares released ??? imo that happened not coz of game grow up but just coz duped money came into game also duped items also duped chests also duped bus (that has been just sold on npc) also duped fragments nowdays etc ...

    but all those are like history ... we cant get date back ...

    what would be the best solution so we will have no more cheaters ?

    even if k2 "buy" a macro company and shut it down (i've heard that thats what happened with kosp) other macro companies will show up to get money from cheaters like koxp did ! so thats not best solution !
    we all faced that several anti-cheat programs just faild to keep servers clear of 3rd party programs so thats not the best solution also
    i like how after rofd duped items becoming grey but there still ways to dupe (stuckable items) ! maybe make all items non stuckable?
    i still like the idea of banning cafe's ip for a period ! this will make cafe owners like polices officers !
    i still like the idea of banning cheaters from GMs but i dont like the idea not to minor their lvls ...
    i also like the idea of constables but this will guide to several other problems ... even interacial wars ... trust me ... i've faced it due to a false rumor ... how about if that would be true ... omg ..

    so in conclution ...
    -more gms online 24/7 !!! its so important to be 24/7 !!
    -ban macroers and minor their lvls
    -ban ips of macroers for a period
    -ban ips of cafes if from their ips are log in cheaters for a period
    -make all items non stuckable
    -if some constables then keep it secret ...

    thats my opinion ... and .. sorry for my bad english ..

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    all items non stackable?

    rogues would have to town for wolf alot =(

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    Originally posted by firem
    all items non stackable?

    rogues would have to town for wolf alot =(
    hmm ya u r right ... make an exception for wolfs and pots

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    rofl if turks would start dupin wolfs and NPC them.. xD just to get money :P.. would take em a long time tho

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    Personally, I consider duping and the ability to combine uniques to be far worse than the macroers. It's darn near impossible to macro up much past 63 or so, there are not that many good mobs to macro on after 63, and doing it with lesser mobs will mean such a long term of macroing the guy is almost certainly going to get caught and banned.

    Duping, OTOH, means people are running around with +9 weapons and armor and +4 or +5 uniques.

    If I was a level 80 legit player of any class with +8 armor and weapon, I could not possibly kill a lvl 75 with two ROL +5 and IN+5 and IB+5.

    +5 uniques of the high class/rare drop types cannot be created in the normal course of game play. There probably have not been 1500 ROL drops on Diez since it started, and now we have combinations that make the player invulnerable.

    If I totally controlled the way K2 does it's business, I'd scan the servers for all ROL, ROC, ROM, IN, IB, skele belt,+4/+5 and delete them. I would also scan for any accounts with more than one +9 item (of the high class sort), and probably ban the accounts.

    It is just barely possible that you would catch one or two legit players, but the majority would be dupes, whether created by the player or bought by them. Punishment of the purchaser of a dupe is harsh, true, but the player should have sense enough to know that nobody burns 500 legit shards to get one +9 to sell for USD$ for less than he could have sold +7's or +8's, with far more security in the upgrade process.

    This stuff has unbalanced the game no end in favor of the cheats/dupers.

    And that is the real reason people are quitting, not because of the cheats but because KE and then Drake both tilted the game heavily in favor of cheaters prospering at the expense of the legit player.

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    Originally posted by Phantom478
    yeah nice job

    you do know the majority rules right?

    99% cheaters
    1% good

    yeah u made a bad decision

    how about u all consider banning turkey now....oh wait, thats where all your income comes from
    That pokemon is a duper... seriously... check cheat sections on cheat sites.... dupeeee dupe my masterball!!

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