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alright to who said i was scammer i dun care but read plz

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    shadowwarrior + 5 giga and fullmasters
    shinju / juro we + sse + 4 gbs in clan items[/b]
    i gave almost every clan item to u prick, all i had were some tails of shaula WHOOPS forgot to give me is scammer noob.. fuck off plz

    alright this is my story so i dun expect u to believe me but its np, i dont care.
    just to say i scammed clan about 4+gb's u got to be kidding me lol, still wearing +7 fp and +6 smite hammer u dumbass.
    if i had that kind of money i would have much better things.
    and about the we and sse yes i got the we (given by clan) had proof but the fucking nikleo had to bann me from my own forum wich i hosted and paid. so i deleted all the hard work he did to make so much posts.
    the sse was dropped to a PHASELIS member and given to me after wards so i said ill share with the party cause he earned it as much as we did so.

    after a while nikleo loges in and said it was a clan drop wow ever heard of that well fuck u i dont agree. i kept it and would sell it to all party members wich i have screenshot of, after that 3 of the 5 ppl in that party wich the sse was dropped left judge and said i was a scammer "didnt trusted me" but np they do there job ill do mine, so after we had a fight in ventrilo i decided to quit after he banned me from ventrilo"NIKLEO" cause it was the second time this shit happend. after a while Justin who shared with my girlfriend, said on msn that he had to change password cause nik said he wouldnt allow him in clan if he still shared with her, she exped him so much she didnt earned this shit, then i heared from someone that nik said i beated up my girlfriend while i was on ventilo etc "WTF?!" so they banned me and all my friends from KO4LIFE VENTRILO (wich isnt even his), he abuses his power so u all know.

    well good luck to all who want to flame me cause i wont respond on flames i know what happend and i dun care /have_life plz :lol:

    o btw justin gave lvl 64 logos priest what a pretty thought GO BLOW UR SELF

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    if it was a clan party then most likey it is a clan drop even if u guy want to split it
    on that same subject if there was a none clanie in the party not a clan party no mater what
    and if u split the drop with the party that is not stealing it on the part where u hit/beat ur girlfriend
    that should not matter what u do it is ur life and u should be unbanned from the vent also

    ur ex clan must be full of noob u cant control everyone and even ur best frined will scam u so lol
    as to ur g/f sharing the account shit happens and i would have done the same thing sorry

    all and all it seam like u did nothing wrong and ur old leaders suck balls hardcore sweaty balls

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    -aq posted on wrong topic -_-


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