So tell us what arcade games do you like?

Here's my current fav's:

Time Crisis 4 (Got 1st score at my local arcade ^^)

Time Crisis 3 (Also top score )

HOTD3 (Shotguns + zombies = ownage, again top scorer )

Ghost Squad (A cross between Ghost recon, CSS and HOTD = fun ^^)

And some old, but GOOD arcade games that I like are:

The Dungeons & dragons games (Beat em ups with mages and thiefs and dragons )

Sunset riders (A lot of fun when playin with your mates)

Final Fight (OLD SKOOL beat em up which pretty set up the beat-em-up genre)

Caddilacs & Dinosaurs (You won't ever heard of this game, it's based on some comic from the 80's which is a shitload of fun with friends - not seen this game for YEARS though)

Marvel vs Capcom (This is fucking hard!)

The punisher (Punisher & Nick Fury go twattin the Kingpin ^^)

and of course, the golden oldies which I like:

Golden Axe, Double Dragon (hard as fuck!), Street Fighter 2 ^^

EDIT: I forgot the dance machines ohnoez!