Lies and all lies.

We lured servants on u couse u lurde isiloon on servants ore on priests from my clan while we was hiting it. I find this type of behavior that same thing as luring servants on u. Couse is it any diference betwen luring boss on mobb and luring mobb on boss. The same way. U do the same in eslnt with talos/TK and every othere boss no mether if u have squad to kill it ore not - gardners dogs act like this. And dont tell me u didnt saw my gratz couse i always say gratz to ppl when they win in fair fight. I have to say it again - fair fight!!! If u know what fair play is ofc and as far i know u act the same to every clan in ares so dont bullshit me .
If u will be still luring something away ore luring anything on us we wont stop - and i want u to understand it. If u win it in a fair competition - ok we wont say a shit - the same as we done yesterday and today. If u will still be rude against us we will stay rude against u - understood??