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Ares Hacked Clans

This is a discussion on Ares Hacked Clans within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Don't believe, that 1 person can "hack down" K2 even though we are talking about THE K2. However, I wish ...
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    Don't believe, that 1 person can "hack down" K2 even though we are talking about THE K2.
    However, I wish it works.[/b]
    Well , look what hes doin , he destroyed 37 account at Ares aleardy , he said he would stop when he take Ares server down , basicly he can do it , since he said to Linus " i'm at your datebase , try to erase me ( or w/e he said there ) " .

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    I work in the IT area, security is the most important thing when doing high profit business. And believe me, there's a shitload of people with the knowledge and the skills for this, and once they focus or target someone the only way to stop them is taking them away from any online device.
    But he must target other server, I play ares, I got shitty items and I dont want it down I rather disappear Ionia or however its called, its a crowded full of jump-server players and koxpers :P

    this hacker should inject +10 for every1, that would be fun as shit

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    linus got OWNED...PERIOD

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    dont get too excited now, he gets paid to do his job and this act is what other gms should do as well.

    so u got 2 gms out of the rest are doing their job right./[/b]
    doing their job right ? Did they something with this think on ares ? bcuz righ now they only shout like Obama who fights for votes "i ll do this , i will make this and this, and alos ill do this" nothing done yet

    vindictive just died

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