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Bombompow, the so called "top" clan.

This is a discussion on Bombompow, the so called "top" clan. within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; whats the point of pretending ur among the top clans when u are just noobs at heart? thanks for another ...
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    Default Bombompow, the so called "top" clan.

    whats the point of pretending ur among the top clans when u are just noobs at heart? thanks for another display of childishness today (yet another one) when you tried to 4 stone rezz me literally spamming it until there was 20 seconds left for ED (he did it for over 7 mins).

    now i could have expected this from hawk but.. oh wait, u guys are polish too. so its basically the same scum in a different dress. ive said it before and im gonna say it again, the polish are the turks of cwest.

    "but what did you do to piss them off?!?!" well, i called the #1 no life guy in their clan crap looter in ed (i think his name is kierofdsfsZuarfig whatever) because he DID loot shit on ed until it was his turn for deva. he didnt escape to deva room until the guy right before him had draki on his inventory, yes, everyone was asking him to escape but it didnt happen until that, coincidence much i guess?

    now of course clannies will defend other clannies even if they are wrong, there is no respect or consideration for others with this kind of people (see: edmond and all his clannies that even knowing what he did they still support him).

    so yes, needless to say bbp turned on me at this point. anyways, today i was solo doing archer town the nubs on chaos (i was there from BEFORE) then these turks came and labeled me as kser, they tped all of them away (expected, thats why i used stealth) but i still died because some 2 human archers focused me before i realized it.

    the rest is 4 stone spamming and obvious "idgaf about my reputation in this server". well, let the screenshots talk by themselves. one would expect a removal of said member but how can that happen when every single member approves of his actions? in conclusion, nothing will happen. but at least now you know what kind of people these kiddos are.

    oh also before u stupid polish fucks come here saying something related to "crying" make sure to read the whole thing and have at least a little respect for others, u wannabe internet thugs. get down to the ground, stop thinking ur the big deal because u can nova people.

    tldr: polish people acting like polish people.

    and in case u were wondering, i got 30 stoned later on but i missed ED, oh well, mission semi-accomplished, bombompow.

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    This topic was closed because it's flaming and racist.

    Gonna ask you nicely once not to post shit like this and to increase the overall quality of your submissions.

    Try thinking twice before hitting the submit button; i.e. does this matter to only me?, am I generally insulting an entire country/race because of the actions of one individual?, am I nerd-raging?, etc.



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